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Today, most of us have a back health issue at some time during our lives and although mostly, with rest, it can be resolved, many people continue to have discomfort/pain due to problems. There are different choices to make when asking for help with back problems and primarily you should visit your GP or reputable and qualified Physiotherapist, Osteopath or Chiropractitioner.  Accupuncture can also be of assistance, but check that the practitioner has correct qualifications and experience. 


Yoga is being recommended for back problems, but be WARNED, general yoga classes may not be suitable unless the Teacher is a Yoga Therapist.  I recommend you have an assessment done prior to going to a class  with Karen Duke, a Yoga Therapist

(07981 649509 or yogaandholistictherapy@gmail.com)


There are some easy changes you can make in your daily routine to help with backache

especially if your backache originates from your life-style.  Generally it is not possible to alter life-style, so my advice is to help you work with your life-style and build in some simple techniques that may prevent further poblems developing like sciatica.


You can help to prevent backache too by simple choices, which you may not be aware of! The writing is often of the wall, but we do not read it, we are all guilty of this in our busy lives where the body just responds to commands of the mind.  It is only when it 'grumbles' at you, that you take notice!! 



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