De-stress Programme

The De-Stress Programme (DSP) has come together on the understanding that Stress arises from many sources and consequently often requires a combination of actions that can help to relieve it.


A problem today is getting help quickly when referral appointments from your GP can take some time.  We offer support to the difficulty in this system, you may access someone Professional on the Team almost straight away and initially at no cost. 


The Team Members are all professional people with many years of experience. Some are working in the NHS, or have worked in the NHS. Others have qualifications accredited by the NHS:

  • A well-being & health Psychologist (NHS)
  • Counsellor/Life Coach/Hypnotherapy  (NHS)
  • Specialist in Breathing Therapy (NHS)
  • Structural Therapist - anotomical/muscular alignment (NHS)
  • Specialist in Women's Health  (NHS)
  • Specialist in sleeping disorders
  • Specialist in eating disorders (NHS)
  • Mindfulness/CBT Specialist (NHS)
  • Remedial Masseuse - speciality in both post surgical procedures e.g. breast surgery and in aromatherapy for palliative care (NHS)
  • Specialist in Clinical Somatics & Massage - altering patterns of muscular movement to reduce discomfort/pain caused by muscular tension 
  • Yoga Teachers
  • Specialist in the use of Art for Relaxation (NHS)
  • Specialist in Nutritional advice for systemic disorders as well as in general health
  • Psycho-therapist using music & sound


We work closely with orthodox medicine and health strategies supporting mental health.


The way the De-Stress Programme works:

Give Marguerita a call on 07809 119509 or email her:  whitestripesyoga@gmail.com



  1. You will be advised to make an appointment.  An Initial, quick access can be offered free.
  2. A prescribed 'programme of care' will be put together using range of Complementary Therapies (examples in list above) to tackle root cause of the stress and aid recovery
  3. There will be a monthly review, or sooner, if required, to assess effectivness of Programme.  At this review, things can be altered to meet your needs, or if working well, may stay the same.  Futher monthly reviews will be offered, to ensure that progress remains positive until they are no longer required/needed
  4. All information will remain confidential within the Team *
  5. The aim of the De-Stress Programme is to provide each client with 'life-long tools' that may provide continued help and support in the future should difficult circumstances arise.

By using 'complementary therapies' we offer you 'time' and both physical, as well as emotional support, to promote healing.  We aim to restore more balance back into your life and mental health stability.


Please contact us if you feel the need or wish to make enquiries




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07809 119509


email: whitestripesyoga@gmail.com


You can also use the contact form.

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